Last week’s beer!

We headed off to Summer Brew Fest last Friday - not going to lie it was pretty amazing. We had a good wander around, ate some Late Knights burgers and got to chat about London’s beer community.

Last week we were back to our regular 1 brewery, 2 beers format and we’ve got our first ever all can box. First up we’ve got an 8-Ball, which really shows Beavertown's prowess with a twist on the India Pale Ale. The second is the Neck Oil which has a new recipe.

What’s your feeling on the cans, be great to know what you guys think? 

Time for some beer news

  • London Craft Beer Festival is back this August, good to know we’ve got another festival to look forward to.
  • The Telegraph taught us 12 things we needed to know about British beer
  • Folks in London - we’re doing a special delivery for the Tuesday Costa Rica v England match. Just go to your account to add it to your subscription. 

See you next Tuesday!

World Cup Tuesday

Enjoying the football tonight? You know what would make it better… a DeskBeer. 

For next Tuesday’s game we’re offering a special service for our subscribers, we’ll deliver you your usual beers but, well, on a Tuesday.

Just go to your account and select the special delivery button, and we’ll get your order sorted. Don’t worry you’ll still get your Friday beers too.

If you’re not a subscriber, never fear, you can still sign up to get in on the action.

Having a drink at work makes you more productive

Thanks to the University of Illinois - see it’s scientific and everything- we now know that people consuming at least 2 pints of beer are more productive.

Your bosses can thank us later.


Here’s the abstract;

That alcohol provides a benefit to creative processes has long been assumed by popular culture, but to date has not been tested. The current experiment tested the effects of moderate alcohol intoxication on a common creative problem solving task, the Remote Associates Test (RAT). Individuals were brought to a blood alcohol content of approximately .075, and, after reaching peak intoxication, completed a battery of RAT items. Intoxicated individuals solved more RAT items, in less time, and were more likely to perceive their solutions as the result of a sudden insight. Results are interpreted from an attentional control perspective.

If you too want to get productive - convince your boss to get DeskBeers

Beer Delivery - Friday the 13th

Last Friday was our last day at Old Street - thanks everyone that came to see us and hang out over the last two weeks. We definitely want to do a pop up again, maybe next time with added beer! 

We put together a very summery mix for our subscribers last week, a seasonal white IPA from London Fields, you don’t find it around that often, a Camden Hells Lager and a Saison from Partizan. All perfect for kicking back and enjoying on a blistering Friday afternoon! 

Here’s some Beer News

(we’ve a cheek to pretend that this is news)

  • We’re getting involved in the football madness, show us your beer handling skills, post it on Twitter or Instagram and you could win an extra box of beer in your next delivery. 
  • If you want to avoid any glimpse of the football, head down to any Craft Beer Company for no television and great beers.
  • Want to know how the sun is looking in the beer garden check out the Beers in the Sun app from Poke.

DeskBeers Happy Hour


This week is a good week. We’re at Old Street until Friday, the sun is shining and we’re going to be doing daily happy hours!

Each day this week we’ll be announcing a different offer for our subscription and our one off deliveries.

Today’s is 10% off your very first subscription order. Use the code “MONDAYBEERS” when you sign-up.

Or get your orders in here;

DeskBeers in Old Street


For the next two weeks (2nd-14th of June) we’ll be hanging out in Old Street Underground station, so come say hello, chat beer and hang out. We’d have loved to invite you along to try a few of London’s top quality beers too, but due to the greater powers, our licence was denied at the last minute.

Still, that’s not to say you can’t get any beer. Not ever wanting to give up on getting beer to the people, we have a new plan in place. Come by the stall, place your order, and we’ll bring it to your office later that day. Everybody wins.

If you work in the Old Street area and you’re even too lazy to stroll down to see us, you’ll still be able to order beer online for same day delivery - we’ll keep you posted on how to do that.


Last week’s Beer - The Mixed Case

We tried something new last week.  Whilst we want to continue bringing our customers beer from a different brewery each week, sometimes this does limit us on choice. For example the Hiver beers we featured last week is the only beer coming from that brewery, so we mixed it up with another brewery. 

What did you think? Did you like this introduction of the sporadic mixed box?

In amongst each case there was a couple of brand new beers. The first was from a DeskBeers favourite, Brew By Numbers, and the other from Hiver. The latter is not strictly a London brewery, as they brew out of Hepworth Brewery in Sussex, but Hannah (the founder) is ex-Meantime and runs the operations from London. We think this is a great example of a honey beer, although the weather could be better to enjoy it. Come on London where is our summer?!?

Photo by @glennangelo

Things That Help You Drink More Beer

Do you know what we like?

We like things that help us drink more beer… or at least carry more. 

We’ve been seeing more and more inventive ways of getting beer to your door (or desk). 



We should get one of these fitted to the back of our couriers’ bikes, no bottle opener, no bother! 


Particularly enjoying this single can holder - for when you just can’t finish a whole one.


Even Halfords are getting in on the action. 

Although, we don’t recommend drinking and cycling - safety first people! Also, not sure we condone the beer they’ve chosen…

BACON Tech Fair Bar


Last week we ran the bar at BACON's Tech Fair. An evening of tech startups showcasing how they are changing the world, each in their own little way.

For the attendees, we had a fine selection of local beers on offer from Pressure Drop, Beavertown, Fourpure and more. If any, we had too much of a selection as peoples decision making (coupled with Phil’s sometimes over-enthusiastic descriptions) caused some pretty massive queues at points. A couple of the favourites on the night were Siren's White Tips wit IPA and Brixton's Effra Ale. 

Whilst there, we were helping test out a new NFC information sharing platform, one that in the future could also see the end to transactions at gigs, festivals, etc. Pretty exciting stuff, and it worked well for us on the night, making sure everyone got their allocation of freebies.


To go with the beer was the mighty Burger Bear, dishing out his fine burgers in the playground. Almost everyone I spoke to had gone back for seconds, as the first was just too damn good. The never-fading queue was a testament to how good they were (and not at their inability to serve quickly…).


All in all, cracking night. Make sure you let us know if you want beer for your next event!

BrewDog Camden x Siren Craft

BrewDog Camden are having a meet the brewer and tap take over with Siren Craft tomorrow. We know where we’re going after work tomorrow…

Siren Craft Brew Tap Takeover and Meet the Brewer

If you’ve been in lately you may have seen their bottled Limoncello IPA, Das Sound Wave, Seven Seas and Maiden in our fridges. Well now we’re getting their beers on tap. A lot of them. Come down from 6pm on the 13th of May, drink the beer, and meet the guys who made it.