Pales by comparison: Camden Brewery and Redchurch Brewery mixed box


"CAN IT GET ANY BETTER?", screamed the headline of the Camden Post, which found its way into DeskBeers deliveries last Friday. Also in the box - perhaps unsurprisingly - was a bountiful mixed selection, from Camden Brewery and Redchurch brewery, with two wonderfully refreshing pale ales. We wouldn’t be surprised if all our subscribers didn’t scream the same thing after washing down their beers. 


With a personal (and not-so-top-secret) mission of giving craft beer lovers the best news, we found this article on The Guardian on “how hops got hip”, (we like to call it the DeskBeers effect), and the revolution that followed. For the Camden Town Brewery fanatics out there (count us amongst that list) they will be releasing a new lager on November 1st, aptly titled ‘India Hells Lager’; looks tasty. 

Beavertown Brewery continue to mind-blow, with their latest endeavour being their aptly-titled 'rainbow project, set to stun on September 13th. In a nutshell, 7 breweries (most of which are DeskBeers regulars) will be brewing “exquisite collaborations”, all based on colours of the rainbow and - here’s the best bit - available on draft in Beavertown’s tap room. 

Finally, who got their DeskBeers on Friday? We’d love to hear about it so we can really impress you next time, so don’t be shy. You can write us a romantic emailTweet us something nice, or Instagram your lovely DeskBeers. Your call!

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Pressure Drop double box, pairing with Partizan and Beavertown’s Tap Room


Last Friday, DeskBeers delivered a sight even better than London’s sleek skyline - a fantastic double box from Pressure Drop. Originally from Stoke Newington - but now in Hackney - Pressure Drop come armed with inspiration from all around the world, naming English, German and modern US beer recipes amongst some of their favourites. In the box was a ‘Stokey Brown’ (5.1%) Brown Ale, which pays a hoppy homage to the brewery’s roots and a ‘Pale Fire’ (4.8%), an aptly named Wit Beer. 


Tonight, our friends in Partizan are popping on their oven mitts and teaming up with KIN, for a night of Asian street food and craft beer pairing. Taking place in Leather Lane (and conveniently seconds away from The Craft Beer Co.), KIN and Partizan will combine to create 5 dishes paired perfectly with 5 beers from Partizan, making for an interesting meal. Head here to get involved.

On Saturday, DeskBeers favourites Beavertown Brewery brewed up a storm in their tap room, with a smorgasbord of keg offerings and bottles. Part of their taproom takeover, the Gamma Ray geniuses undoubtedly made for a lot of happy craft beer lovers. 

We’re also celebrating our biggest ever week here at DeskBeers, so have a cold one for us.

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The mixed box strikes back and beer festival extravaganza


With the sound of refreshment now cascading through London and Brighton every Friday (you can thank us later…), it was last Friday’s mixed box that sent the latest - and one the best - batches of “that Friday feeling” to offices. Two of DeskBeers’ favourite brews - Beavertown's Gamma Ray and a new Red Ale from our friends Brew By Numbers - were sent out on Friday.


We went to London Beer City over the course of last week, with our proverbial highlight reel including watching watermelons get put into a brew (that’s right), eating tapas and drinking great beer with Moncada Brewery and much more. We finished off a great and beer-y at London’s Craft Beer Festival, with Magic Rock, Buxton, Partizan, The Kernel, Camden Town, Siren - to name a few - working up their magic for the London-dwelling craft beer lovers. 

If you missed it, fret not. There’s another festival just on the horizon and - here’s the best bit - it’s free! It’s called Craft100 and comes from our friends at the Craft Beer Co; from September 18th-21st. Why not head along after having your DeskBeers on the Friday?

So that’s it from us easing you into your Monday morning. Friday’s just around the corner anyway, right?

Enjoy the week!
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Ain’t no party like a DeskBeers party


Last Friday, the combined force of team DeskBeers and Mint Digital smashed their collective brains together and threw a get-together/party/soiree/beer-bonanza (delete as appropriate) for everyone in Exmouth House. 

With the aim of encouraging people to step away from their work for the weekend and (you guessed it) have a few DeskBeers, we set up in the lobby of the building so that everyone could come down, share a cold one and have a chat to help them kick-start that Friday feeling. 

The turnout was fantastic, each office came down for a drink, with everyone from game inventors to PR agencies and everything in between. We even ran out of beers, which - in truth - was the best turnout. We’re looking to roll out more events in the not-too-distant future, so keep an eye out! 

One of Mint’s Developers - Ed - even snapped this picture, which speaks volumes about the event. We’ll let you decide how…

London Beer City: Earl of Essex

On Monday evening, we headed down to Islington’s Earl of Essex to check out what Siren Craft Brew were doing for London Beer City. 

The idea behind the night was for guests to bring in their own ingredients as part of a ‘Live Brew’, with master-brewer Ryan Witter-Merithew at the helm. All sorts of ingredients were brought along, but the most impressive was a watermelon, which ended up being used in one of Siren’s Saisons.

Here’s the evidence:

We’re off to Moncada Brewery today for some great beer and tapas. Expect another post in the not-so-distant future! 

Saying hello to London Fields’ triple box, craft beer hot dogs and London Beer City


Last week, we reminded DeskBeers lovers that good (actually, great) things come in threes and - of course - in a DeskBeers box. Namely, it was the mighty London Fields’ triple box (Grapefruit Dead, Orange Sunshine and Broadway Blond, all 5%) arriving at desks all around London and Brighton that kicked off the wondrous sound of a city-wide quenching of thirst.  You can find out more about London Fields Brewery, right here


London is getting ready to pay homage to the city’s self-proclaimed “beer renaissance” once more, as London Beer City engulfs each corner of the city. From Carshalton in the South, Barnet in the North, Windsor in the West and Stratford in the East, each part of London will be soaked in craft beer goodness. 

Continuing the theme of being “soaked in craft beer goodness”, this recipe for craft beer hot dogs looks just as delicious as it sounds. Why not give it a go?

We also threw our first DeskBeers party, for everyone in Workspace’s Exmouth House. Keep an eye out for more in the not-too-distant future! After all, there ain’t no party like a DeskBeers party.

Have a great week, 

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Last Friday’s beers, London beer hunt and craft beer recipes


Last Friday’s beer delivery continued the magnificence of the DeskBeers mixed box, with a 5.5% Partizan Pale Ale and a 4.8% Lager from Hackney Wick’s Crate Brewery, which admitted to be a little “on the ale-y side”. Either way, we had some pretty happy faces! 


Elsewhere, craft beer fanaticism continues to rock London this month, with the London Beer Hunt getting ready to kick off from August 9th-16th. You and your friends can take part at any point, with only a single clue to get started but the remainder will be with the craft beers.

Our friends at The Guardian compiled a list of refreshing recipes for craft beer lovers to to create their own craft and shandy mix. Sacrilege? Sumptuous? Something in between? Give us your take!

We were also at BL-NK Hackney on Thursday night, meeting great new businesses and making new friends. Thank you to BL-NK for having us and - of course - thank you to everyone who came down and said hello! 

Enjoy your week,
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Last week’s beers and London’s best craft beers


All hail the glorious mixed box! Returning this week after several sessions of single brewery packs, Brew By Numbers and Bear Hug's Hibernation IPA - two of DeskBeers' favourites - were sent out in last week's delivery.


After London life aficionados Time Out published a list of the capital’s best craft beers, they quickly followed up with the best places in which to drink them (apart from at your desk, of course). Aside from finding themselves a unique research niche, they’ve created something quite beautiful, so take a peek. 

Elsewhere, the magnificent partnering of live comedy and good beer continues to champion DeskBeers’ weekly schedule. We’ll be heading over to Protein Studios in Shoreditch on Wednesday (July 30th) to a) drink cracking beer and b) learn how to improve our jokes. Here’s hoping that we’ve improved on the latter. 

Enjoy the rest of your week! 

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Last week’s beer!

We headed off to Summer Brew Fest last Friday - not going to lie it was pretty amazing. We had a good wander around, ate some Late Knights burgers and got to chat about London’s beer community.

Last week we were back to our regular 1 brewery, 2 beers format and we’ve got our first ever all can box. First up we’ve got an 8-Ball, which really shows Beavertown's prowess with a twist on the India Pale Ale. The second is the Neck Oil which has a new recipe.

What’s your feeling on the cans, be great to know what you guys think? 

Time for some beer news

  • London Craft Beer Festival is back this August, good to know we’ve got another festival to look forward to.
  • The Telegraph taught us 12 things we needed to know about British beer
  • Folks in London - we’re doing a special delivery for the Tuesday Costa Rica v England match. Just go to your account to add it to your subscription. 

See you next Tuesday!

World Cup Tuesday

Enjoying the football tonight? You know what would make it better… a DeskBeer. 

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