The DeskBeers guide to drinking beer.

Because you clearly don’t have a clue…

You might think its as simple as grabbing a bottle opener and necking that cold brew as soon as possible. But you’d be wrong, there’s an art to this shit.

STEP ONE Treat it with respect

Most beers from small breweries are bottle conditioned. It’s a bit technical so pay attention, but basically it means there will be a little bit of yeast at the bottom of each bottle. Don’t worry, its not going to hurt you, but storing it upright means that the yeast stays at the bottom and doesn’t get mixed up in all your lovely beer making it taste a bit yeasty. We know it means they take up a little more room in your fridge, but really, is it that much hassle to through out the decaying sandwhich at the back that no one is claiming?

STEP TWO Some like it hot cold

Real beer used to associated with warm temperature muck. Or at least thats what the Americans will tell you. And its their doing that means most of us brits now insist on chilling our beers to beyond belief. Every beer is different, and every drinker is different. We deliver our beers cool (they are stored in a warehouse beforehand) so its up to you if you’d like to do more to it after that. We recommend checking out this guide from ratebeer, then making your own mind up. At the end of the day, its your beer. 

STEP THREE Be posh, use a glass

Connected to point number one. Unless you like each mouthful to be garnished with a flake of yeast, gently pour your beer into a glass. Doing it slowly prevents the yeast from being disturbed and making its way into your glass of beer. Plus, it makes you look like a right fancy connoisseur.

But remember, this is just a guide, so if you want to just crack it open just after shaking it up and swig away who are we to stop you. At the end of the day, its your beer, drink it how you want.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bottled

Remember when you judged the quality of a bottle of wine by whether it had a cork or a screw cap? 

Know how you currently see beer in cans as a lower quality product than when in bottles?

Well, expect to have your preconceptions changed again as we predict you’ll be drinking a lot more canned beers very soon. In the US, craft breweries have been canning their beers for over 10 years, but its been slow to take on over here. But now its coming. Cans of Brooklyn Lager, Kona Longboard and Pistonhead Lager have become more common sites in bars, pubs and at outdoor venues such as Street Feast, but this summer will see more of the UK breweries following suit.

Camden and BrewDog already can their core range, but the recent revieling of two more London breweries’ cans in the past week indicates more will be coming soon. Beavertown showed off their core range can designs that hark back to the original bottle illustrations for each of the styles. On the same day, relative newcomer, Fourpure, showed us their set of slightly more refined designs. And if that wasn’t proof enough, Sixpoint, a pretty bloody decent Brooklyn based brewery have recently announced that their cans will soon be arriving at a Wetherspoons near you. Yes, Wetherspoons.

Forget that misconception that canned beers will taste ‘tinny’, or are cheap. That is no longer the case, and in fact, cans are better for everyone. They seal the beer away from two of its main enemies, sunlight and oxygen, better than most bottles can; they are better for the environment, easier to transport (both for the brewery, and you on your way to the park); they chill quicker; and the list goes on.

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Last week’s beer

Brixton Brewery - Electric IPA

After the previous week’s darker brew (ELB’s Orchid), we wanted to go back to lighter and hoppier territories. And with the South London scene becoming amongst the most active and growing in London, it seemed like an ideal time for us to offer up the Brixton Brewery Electric IPA.

The response we got from drinkers via Twitter were positive, with some classing it as the best DeskBeers offering yet. Others who have been tracking their beers on Untappd weren’t quite as  taken by this IPA, saying that it was ‘average’. Which, in part, we agree to. It may not be the boldest, richest and flavoursome IPA out there, but thats sort of its beauty. The fact that its taste is paired back slightly makes it more accessible to more drinkers, and also means that you won’t be reaching for a different, lighter beer after your first one or two, despite its high ABV.

Either way, its a damn pretty bottle.

Last week’s beer

East London Brewing Co - Orchid (3.6% mild)

From this week on, we’ll be sharing details of the beer we sent out on the previous Friday and summarising some of the feedback that we received. 

Up until last week, we had sent out beers that were definitely on the ‘safer’ side. Knowing the time to push these boundaries would come sooner or later and with Christmas just round the corner, we felt this was our time.

We chose the ELB Mild for a couple of reasons. Firstly, milds aren’t particularly common, and so we hoped that preconceptions wouldn’t get in the way opinions too much. Secondly, this is a very ‘soft’ mild, being spiced with vanilla makes it quite palatable for even the occasional beer drinker; one customer even described it as “like a dessert”. The aim was to show theres more to choose from than just hoppy pale ales.

As to be expected, the reaction was slightly mixed. In general it was positive, although some did find the vanilla spicing slightly overpowering for their tastes (yet still enjoyed it nonetheless). However, what was encouraging is the amount of you that got in touch to say that you wouldn’t normally chose a mild, but you really enjoyed this one. And that’s exactly the point. We want to send you your favourites, but also mix it up a bit with the some that you may not have had before, or you wouldn’t normally pick for yourself.

If you so much of a fan of this one, we hope you still manage to get some enjoyment from it, even if its just that you got to try a new beer. Be safe in the knowledge that next week will see something different again.

Previous to this, we had sent out:
Beavertown - Gamma Ray
Five Points - Hook Island Red Ale
Partizan - Pale Ale (Cascade hops)

Deliveries start 8th Nov

As we’re not delivering beers this week, here’s a look at what we’ve been up to.
We learned a lot from our first outing last Friday: From what people like to drink, their end of week drinking habits and also a bit about the hurdles we face. We now have a plan in place. Starting small next week to make sure we’re doing things properly, then opening it up to more of you soon after. And don’t worry, we plan to grow quickly.
Amongst the planning, we’ve been having a bit of fun. We had a small photoshoot on our roof, which also gave us something to do with the leftovers from last week. More importantly, we made some great new mates. AtBeavertown, we chatted beer with head brewer James Rylance - genuinely one of the nicest, and most passionate people we’ve met. And then Doreen at Five Points, who introduced us to their new equipment, which will be allowing them to increase their production from next week - this can only be good news.
We will be delivering to our very first paying customers next Friday and taking on more customers of you over the coming weeks as we grow.

Our first outing

Some of you may have seen some of the pics on Facebook, seen the chat on Twitter, or even been lucky enough to get some of the fantastic Redchurch Brewery's Great Eastern IPA delivered to your office last Friday. So, for those that didn't know what we were up to, we wanted to let you know:

We came up with the idea of DeskBeers a while ago now. To us, it was a brilliant idea, but we wanted to make sure others felt the same. We also knew the sort of thing that we would like from a service like this, but everyone is different. And so, we selected a few of our close friends to treat with a few free beers. What we got back was a whole bunch of feedback, some great coverage on Twitter (thank you everyone for the kind words), and what turned out to be a great afternoon.


After spending 15 minutes with each of the companies we delivered to, we tweaked our vision a bit so it aligns with as many people needs & requirements as possible. It was hard work, but fully worth it and lots of fun. 

We’ll be taking a break from deliveries this week in order to get ourselves ready for launch as soon as possible. If you want to be one of the first workplaces to receive your delivery, make sure you sign up here:

Steve x

Beautiful, Beautiful Beer


Oh Beautiful Beer is a blog that showcases the best of beer label design from around the world. Props to these great London breweries getting featured. The breweries getting some love are Partizan, Brew By Numbers (who are launching real soon) and Camden Brewery.

We know there’s loads more breweries out there that are putting more effort into their packaging these days, inlcuded in these are the likes of East London Brewery, Crate & Beavertown. Surely its only a matter of tim til they get featured too?

And whilst their not London based, special mention to Quaffing Gravy from Leeds on their hand drawn labels, and frankly quality name.